Negril businessman murdered
Dr. Ken Baugh dies

DNA results link suspect in custody to rape in Portmore


Detectives attached to the Greater Portmore Police Criminal Investigations Branch are reporting that they have received DNA results linking 27 year old Chaddane Harris to one of the sexual attacks in the muncipality.

The suspected serial rapist was picked up in June during a manhunt by the police.

The DNA results, submitted last week, reportedly link Mr. Harris to the rape of a 14 year old girl in Portmore.

He was charged Wednesday afternoon for the offence following questioning by CIB detectives.

This was confirmed by his attorney, Vincent Wellesley.

Mr. Wellesley said his client has been charged with rape, burglary and two counts of larceny.

Investigators reported that about 2:30 am on January 26, Mr. Harris broke into a house in Greater Portmore, where he sexually assaulted the teenager.

Mr. Wellesley said investigators told him they are awaiting the results of other DNA tests.

Investigators suspect that since last November, Mr. Harris invaded the homes of mostly single women and assaulted them at knife point.

More than a dozen women were raped.

Mr. Harris has been charged with several counts of burglary and house break-ins.

Investigators say they found his fingerprints at the scenes of some of the home invasions after using his previous criminal record to match the prints.

Investigators say on May 8, he broke into the home of a bank employee and stabbed her several times during a tussle.

The woman was hospitalised for four days.


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